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Making The Most Of College

Online University For Military: Getting A Master's Degree

by Nora Gardner

If you're a US service member, getting a master's degree can mean the difference between a promotion and running into a career dead end. Online colleges for military service members can help you earn the master's you need on a schedule that works for your busy life.

Here are some of the ways that online colleges for military service members help students earn master's degrees.

Designing a Degree

Not all master's degree programs give you the skills and/or certifications you need to help you achieve your career goals. The best online colleges for military service members help students design the specific master's degree they need.


Online colleges for military services members often offer hybrid master's degrees. These hybrid master's degrees can include a blend of certifications, experiential opportunities, internships, and course work. Before you enroll with an online college for military service members, speak with an academic counselor about their hybrid master's degree options. When you discuss your master's degree goals, be sure to highlight the specific skills, certifications, and knowledge you need to achieve your career goals.


Another option online colleges for military service members offer students is a customized master's degree plan. These custom degrees are built from the ground up to provide exactly what the student needs and also works to fit just about any type of schedule. When building a custom degree, it's important to think about your time line, personal/professional commitments, and the type of coursework you need. For instance, if you need business management training and supply chain logistics course work, but you know you're going to be deployed soon, your academic counselor can help you build a degree and schedule that works for you. The best online colleges for military service members give you a start-to-finish master's degree plan to you succeed.

Credit for What You Do

Military service requires extensive training and skills. Online colleges for military service members can give you credit for things you do to help you earn your master's degree faster.


Before you start an online master's degree program, it's important to visit with your academic counselor about your career achievements and work history. For instance, if you're looking for a master's degree in leadership, you've held leadership positions in the military, your academic counselor can sometimes give you credits and/or count your career experience in place of an internship requirement. Having the option to skip coursework and/or internship requirements can expedite your path to a master's degree.