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Making The Most Of College

College May Help Veterans Adjust After Battle

by Nora Gardner

Veterans of the military give up much of their life to help protect the country from danger. Unfortunately, some come back from battle and may have a hard time adjusting. Thankfully, veterans admission into college can help with this issue.

Veteran Unemployment Rate Is High

Veterans often struggle when they come back from battle due to a variety of issues. That explains why the unemployment rate with veterans is so high. It typically ranges from around 3-5 percent and affects veterans across the country. Even worse, many veterans who do come home may end up working entry level jobs that are highly difficult and which pay very little.

The reasons for the problem are often inherent in their time spent in the military. They get used to very strict schedules and have a hard time managing a life that lacks that structure. Even worse, they may end up quitting these jobs or struggling from more serious and severe mental health issues.

It May Be Due To Adjustment Disorder

Veteran Adjustment Disorder is a mental health issue that can occur when a veteran has a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. For example, a veteran who was involved in battle may suffer from PTSD. This disorder will cause anxiety, fear, and other problems that make it difficult to transition.

Even worse, some veterans may not be prepared for the demands of regular work. They may lack training for civilian work or struggle against a lack of extreme structure. Thankfully, veteran admissions departments at a college or university can help them transition and learn how to adjust.

Veteran's Admissions Can Help

Veteran's admission at a university help identify programs that would benefit a qualified veteran. For example, a veteran who was interested in learning about photography or learning how to teach can go through a program to become a teacher. In this way, they can be ready to start a new career.

Even better, they can go through counseling and psychological treatments while attending university. In fact, there are many veteran-focused programs that are designed to help individuals who may be suffering from these issues. They can help manage a multitude of psychological issues quickly and efficiently.

So if you know a veteran who is suffering from issues such as these, it is a good idea to talk to the veterans admission group at a university. They can help get a veteran into college and transition to a civilian's life and a civilian job.