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Making The Most Of College

Three Medical Fields You Can Work In While You Go To School

by Nora Gardner

If you are like many people today, you need to work while you are in school. This may be to supplement your parental support or because you are having to pay your own way. The good news is in the medical field, you can learn skills while you earn the money you need. There are numerous jobs within the medical field where you can find entry level positions that will allow you to gain experience to supplement your medical education. These are just a few you may want to consider.


There are not too many fields that are as stable as the field of nursing. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics calls nursing the fastest growing profession and fortunately, there is still a lot of room in this market. Not only are the baby boomers making their way through the medical system during this time, changes in technology are creating opportunities for nurses to become more specialized, which also opens up multiple fields of opportunities.

If you are interested in going into nursing, there are several tracks you can take. If you are interested in becoming a registered nurse (RN), you may choose to earn your associate's degree (ADN) prior to sitting for your boards. Once you have passed your boards, this will open the door for entry level nursing positions. If you would like more education, or like to go in at a higher starting salary, you can enroll in a four year bachelor's of science program which will result in you earning a BSN. 

Prior to starting nursing school, consider becoming a Nursing Assistant (NA), or a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). In either position, you will gain valuable experience that will assist in learning how to be a nurse. You will learn how to take vital signs, gather patient data, and administer basic care. Hospitals, doctor's offices, medical clinics, as well as long term care nursing homes all hire NAs and CNAs to assist their nursing staff. Other similar positions you may want to consider are:

  • Psychiatric Aides
  • Medical Assistants
  • Medical Technicians
  • Hospital Orderlies

Working in one of these positions may even increase your chances of being accepted into nursing school when you get ready to apply.

Dental Hygienist

If you want to work with people, but nursing is not your thing, consider becoming a dental hygienist. Depending on where you live and work, you can make in excess of $70,000 per year. While you can find entry level positions with an associate degree, the higher paying positions will require you to have a bachelor's degree prior to taking your state licensing exam. 

To gain experience in this field, consider becoming a Dental Assistant. In this position you will be able to provide some levels of patient care, assist with x-rays, and help schedule appointments, as well as other types of record keeping activities. While some states have no educational requirements, other states require some type of certification. 


If you do not want to take the 6 to 12 years it can take to become a Radiologist, there are many ways to work in the field of Radiology in much less time. Consider pursuing a job as a Radiology Technician. The requirements for these positions also vary by state, with some states requiring no minimum amount of education or licensure and other states requiring that you complete a two year program and pass a state exam.

As a Radiology Technician, or a Radiologist Assistant, you will be able to work in many different areas of the hospital, clinic, or doctor's office. Depending on where you work, you will not only be trained to take x-rays, but you may also be trained to perform ultrasounds, MRIs, and many other forms of diagnostic testing. 

Other positions in this area would include:

  • X-Ray Technicians
  • Ultrasound Technicians
  • MRI Technicians
  • Cardiovascular Technician
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist

As demonstrated, there are many areas within the medical field that will allow you to grow and advance as you learn. All you have to do is to choose the direction you want to grow in. With the right education, experience, and training, the sky is the limit. If you're looking for a medical program near you, consider one like ASA medical.